Using Civic Shout to grow your email list is great, but did you know that you can also use it to reactivate previously active or previously unsubscribed members who haven't taken action with you in a while?

This can be a great option for some Civic Shout partners, particularly if your full email list is so large that it's difficult to find and acquire new supporters. 

To use Civic Shout for reactivation and/or resubscription, all you need to do is change the parameters of your suppression file. 

One great way to do that is to create a suppression file that only includes your subscribers you have been active recently, perhaps in the past 60, 120, 180 or 365 days. That way your Civic Shout petitions with credits will be shown to some of your lapsed members, giving them the opportunity to take action with you again without you having to risk your deliverability by sending them an email. Once they've signed your Civic Shout petition and been reactivated, you can safely resume emailing them again, since you know the email address belongs to a real person who still uses it.

In our experience, resubscribed or reactivated supporters often perform as well or better as entirely new ones. Send us a note at if you'd like help thinking through how to best set up your suppression file for reactivation and/or resubscription purposes.