As you might have seen, we just increased your credit earning ratio from 10:1 to 4:1.

This makes it 2.5X easier to grow your email and SMS communities for free by earning Civic Shout credits.

In other words, for every 4 people you get to sign one of your Civic Shout petitions, you’ll receive a credit worth one new opt-in supporter. This is a powerful way to grow your list for free by doing what you already do. And unlike joint actions, folks aren’t automatically joining other lists when they sign your petitions.

Sending a standalone email or SMS broadcast is the fastest way to generate thousands of  signatures, but it’s not the only way. Here are eight other ways you can put your credit earning on autopilot:

  1. Include a P.S. line: Include a P.S. line at the bottom of an email asking people to sign your Civic Shout petition. For example, a donation email could include a P.S. and link along the lines of: "Can’t donate right now? That’s OK. Sign our petition instead calling on Congress to Pass the Women’s Health Protection Act."

  2. Link from an ActBlue page: Include a link to your Civic Shout petition on your ActBlue page or other donation page. One Civic Shout partner has generated hundreds of additional petition signatures by redirecting action takers to an ActBlue page that includes links to petitions people can sign if they don’t want to make a donation.

  3. Use a post-action redirect: To massively increase your results for any joint action or petition you’ve already created… Simply set up a post-action redirect to one of your Civic Shout petitions from them. This helps folks take additional action and acts as a force multiplier that can turn wasted traffic into a max of $5,000 worth of credits and new supporters every month, for free. You can get creative with this one. If you participate in Action Network joint actions, here’s how to easily redirect to a Civic Shout petition.

  4. Include a newsletter link: Including one or more links to Civic Shout petitions in a newsletter is another great way to earn credits without sending a standalone email. One of our partners is earning new-to-list credits every week simply by including a handful of petition links in their weekly newsletter.

  5. Include a welcome email link: Set up one or more evergreen petitions on Civic Shout and link to them from your welcome email or welcome series. This is a great way to generate a steady stream of earned credits while learning which issues resonate with your new supporters.

  6. Use a post-donation redirect: Redirect donors to a Civic Shout petition, following these instructions from ActBlue. Making a donation doesn’t have to be the last step in a user’s journey. Instead, set up a post-donation redirect to give them the opportunity to continue taking action by signing one of your Civic Shout petitions.

  7. Use your MoveOn list: If you're part of's Progressive Partner Program, send emails to signers of your MoveOn petitions encouraging them to sign your Civic Shout petitions. In addition to earning credits for free new-to-list from Civic Shout, you'll be migrating those petition signers to your email community, since they'll be opting-in when they sign your Civic Shout petition.

  8. Link to Civic Shout petitions from your website: Why not earn credits while helping folks take action with this obvious tactic?