Finding great digital staff and consultants can be tough. That's particularly true during campaign season, when there’s increased demand for talented staff with digital skills.

Here are five great options for posting your job descriptions and consulting gigs to ensure you're reaching as many qualified potential applicants as possible:

  1. Matt Lockshin’s Job Board: Matt believes that we should strive for a progressive movement where everyone who wants to do so can find meaningful work that pays well in an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. His job board is focused on U.S.-based digital roles in progressive organizations and other social good organizations that are deeply in alignment with progressive values.
  2. GAIN Power: GAIN Power is a resource center and virtual meeting place for Democratic and Progressive leaders, talent, campaigns, looking for professional and volunteer opportunities.
  3. Progressive Job Resources Google Doc: This extensive Google Doc includes links to dozens of options for posting job listings, including a section for specific geographic locations.
  4. Blue Digital Exchange Jobs Channel: This Slack channel for posting digital jobs for Democrats has more than 500 members.
  5. Progressive Digital Professions Jobs and Gigs Threads: This Facebook group with more than 2,800 members has specific threads for posting jobs and posting consulting gigs.