As you know, when you’re working in digital, things can change very quickly. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to stay on top of the latest tips, tricks and tools your peers are using to mobilize and engage people online.

Here’s a short list of some of the podcasts and newsletters we’ve found to be helpful:

  1. Campaigner is a weekly newsletter that explores the tactics that drive winning campaigns and highlights the players pushing the buttons.
  2. The Great Battlefield is a podcast in which NGP Founder Nathaniel G. Pearlman conducts in-depth interviews with progressive political leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs, technologists and others who are working on protecting and improving our democracy.
  3. The Campaigns & Elections newsletter shares helpful interviews, articles and videos on campaign strategy and tactics, along with industry news and insightful analysis.
  4. The Connector is a newsletter, published by Micah Sifry, that explores the intersection of politics, movements, organizing and technology, with an emphasis on how we make our democracy healthier.
  5. FWIW is a weekly newsletter that breaks down digital spending, strategy, tactics, and trends in American elections.